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Create a Compelling Signature Story for Your Business and Career Pinchot University – 4th Floor Learning Studio
220 2nd Avenue South, 4th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104
United States

Create a Compelling Signature Story for Your Business and Career

04/27/2016 | 5:00 pm - 9:45 pm

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Do you want a powerful story that tells the world what you do?

In this action-focused workshop, we’ll share a six-step process for crafting the story behind your business or career.

You’ll leave with a blueprint for your story and a first draft that you can refine and use in promoting yourself on paper, the web, or social media.

Is this for you?

-Do you need to market but hate the hype?

-Do you want to be authentic and attractive to your market?

-Are you reinventing yourself but have trouble backing up your new direction?

-Do you want more punch in your website’s “About” page on your website, your LinkedIn profile or your bio?

-Can your clients distinguish you from others offering similar services?

-Does your vision lose impact when you share it with someone?

-Are you telling a story about yourself that connects and converts?

-Have trouble expressing the heart of what you do?

-Want to find the real power behind words like “sustainability”?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’ll want to attend this collaborative, action-focused workshop to learn how to craft a signature story that will engage others with what you’re about.

Use the power of your Signature Story to help you:

-Demonstrate your natural authority

-Leverage the power in your experience and unique background

-Show the distinctiveness of your approach

-Invite people into relationship with you

-Provide external validation for what you offer

-Engage the interest of your client, customer or employer

-Skip the hype and let the authentic you ring out

-Relax and enjoy sharing your passion and talent with others!

-“Storytelling is about connecting to other people and helping people see what you see.” Michael Margolis

Need more reasons?

How about attracting the right kind of clients – the ones who most resonate with what you do?

Or feeling more confident when you talk about yourself?

Learning Experience

-Learn a six-step framework for developing a signature story

-Gain valuable feedback from others

-Explore the applications of story to “about” pages and social media

-Create a blueprint for your story and first draft.

Who should attend?


-Students about to launch a new career

-Professionals in transition

-Experienced practitioners who want to tune up their social media and website presence

You’ll be able to apply this workshop directly back to the development of your “about” page, your bio, or your social media strategy.

To stand out in this age of social media, you need a compelling story.

For more information contact Dr. Sally Fox at sally@engagingpresence.com.

About the Instructor

Sally Fox, Ph.D.

Sally is a story coach, organizational consultant, facilitator, and performer. For over twenty-five years she has coached leaders who are up to creative change through her firm Engaging Presence.

Sally has worked with professionals, Boards, and nonprofits to bring out their best stories, and taught business storytelling to a leading global corporation. She worked as faculty advisor at Story University, the world’s leading school for business storytelling.

Her approach to teaching is lively and collaborative, and she often includes a touch of improv or play to keep the energy rolling and reinforce learning.

Sally was the founding director of Antioch University Seattle’s Graduate Management Program. She holds a Ph.d. from the Fielding Graduate University and her MBA from Yale.

Her passion is bringing out the voice and spirit of professionals committed to the greater good and helping them engage others with their core ideas.

She lives on Vashon Island, Washington with her husband, her perky pony Mariah, and Barry the cat, who rules.

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