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Pinchot University’s network of leaders, change agents and innovators in Seattle, Washington, the Pacific Northwest and the world, is committed to the common good in the classroom and beyond. Even after graduation, the community continues to share business and learning opportunities. Your engagement with the Pinchot University community introduces you to a dynamic group of professionals who are working together to change business for good.

Students, faculty and industry leaders co-create the Pinchot education, whether through earning an MBA in Sustainable Business, an MBA in Sustainable Systems or a Certificate in Sustainability to address emerging business and leadership challenges and opportunities. Our dynamic approach to learning guides the development of innovative technologies, methodologies and strategies for organizations. Students learn from each other’s expertise as well as from faculty and visiting change agents, and their teamwork is central to Pinchot’s spirit.

Our diverse students come to Pinchot University with their own personal sets of goals and expertise combining to make the Pinchot experience a powerful force for sustainability and leadership. At Pinchot University, our community brings world-class minds together to learn, share and solve business challenges. From this, our students grow their individual and collective capacity to transform organizations and themselves.

Creating a Community of Difference Makers


Pinchot Mission

To prepare learners from diverse backgrounds to design, lead and evolve enterprises that contribute to the common good.

Being a member of the Pinchot University community means more than just getting an education. Students come to us with an entrepreneurial spirit, ready to become change agents. They are looking for a career with meaning to drive change for more sustainability in their communities.

If you want to make a difference in your world, you’ve found your home. Join a community of leaders committed to common good.

Pinchot University is designed to prepare learners from diverse backgrounds to design, lead and evolve enterprises that contribute to the common good.


Pinchot University Alumni


The single most important thing you will take away from any graduate school experience is the network of people who will help you throughout your career. Pinchot University grads are members of a lifelong alumni network; an active and engaged group of entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, analysts, consultants and business professionals who advance their respective industries.


82% Graduation Placement

Within three months of graduation

Pinchot University graduates are highly engaged in their fields and ready to take on great challenges in the world.Our emphasis on career development, real world skills and an extensive alumni network are why we have a job placement rate of 82 percent within three months of graduation, on par with the Ivy League.


1 in 5 Alumni are Entrepreneurs

21% of alumni have launched a company

Alumni are engaged in a myriad of industries, with the most common being food systems, business consulting, sustainability, energy, finance and education. 78 percent of Pinchot University alumni are executives, directors, managers or entrepreneurs committed to the common good. Some graduates choose to start their own ventures, while the majority bring a spirit of intrapreneurship to existing organizations.


86% Employer Satisfaction

Based on annual employer survey

Our graduates practice what they preach–and employers notice it. Employers express time and time again how well-prepared and knowledgeable our graduates are, reflected in our 86% employer satisfaction rating. They continue to seek Pinchot University graduates to find the best minds in sustainable business and organizational leadership for their companies and organizations.


37% Alumni Giving Rate

One of the highest rates nationally

A well-regarded measure of how alumni feel about their alma mater is the rate at which alumni give back to their school. At 37 percent, our alumni giving is one of the highest graduate school rates in the nation. Pinchot University fosters community as a centeral asset and our network of alumni stay actively engaged with each other and the institution that supports their lifelong learning.


Ready to Join Us?

If you’re eager to participate in designing and leading the enterprises of the future, Pinchot University is the place to achieve your goals. Our graduate programs equip students with the tools required to succeed in entrpreneural ventures, businesses of all sizes and non-profit organizations all over the world. Our students are passionate about their education and community.

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