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Pinchot’s network of leaders, change agents and innovators in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and the world, is committed to the common good in the classroom and beyond. Even after graduation, the community continues to share business and learning opportunities. Your engagement with the Pinchot community introduces you to a dynamic group of professionals who are working together to change business for good.

Students, faculty and industry leaders co-create the Pinchot education, whether MBA in Sustainable Business or Masters in Organizational Leadership, to address emerging business and leadership challenges and opportunities. Our dynamic approach to learning guides the development of innovative technologies, methodologies and strategies for organizations. Students learn from each other’s expertise as well as from faculty and visiting change agents, and their teamwork is central to Pinchot’s spirit.

Our diverse students come to Pinchot with their own personal sets of goals and expertise that combine to make the Pinchot experience a powerful force for sustainability and leadership. At Pinchot, our community brings world-class minds together to learn, share and solve business challenges. From this, our students grow their individual and collective capacity to transform organizations and themselves.

Creating a Community of Difference Makers

Pinchot Alumni

Pinchot Mission

To prepare learners from diverse backgrounds to design, lead, and evolve enterprises that contribute to the common good.

Collective years of teaching

Pinchot Values



Learners at Pinchot educate one another, in the classroom and beyond. They challenge one another’s assumptions, broaden one another’s range of experience and teach one another to see the world from varied perspectives. This vibrant lifelong network guides alumni through their careers and beyond.


Pinchot fosters an innovative and driven spirit. On-going engagement with key industry leaders as speakers, guest lecturers and trustees allows Pinchot a deeper perspective on leveraging innovation for the common good and prepares learners to design and lead pioneering enterprises, businesses and organizations.


Creating a better world requires the utmost integrity, courage and honesty. This is ingrained at Pinchot in our academics, operations, communications and relationships with students, alumni, faculty, accreditors, board members and the broader community.

Social Justice

Pinchot community is inclusive. We collectively work in pursuit of social justice and the common good. We embrace diversity, such as racial, cultural and socio-economic, in our learners, staff, faculty and Board of Trustees.



Pinchot is deeply committed to ecological and social sustainability, which infuses our pedagogy, curriculum and community. We prepare our learners to advance sustainability in businesses and organizations. As a leader in higher education, we seek to influence other universities to integrate sustainability into their program design.


Transformational Leadership

While at Pinchot, learners experience a parallel journey of skill development and personal growth. They understand theory, develop skills and gain personal mastery needed to be instruments of the change they wish to see in the world.

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