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220 & Change

The headquarters of Pinchot University is located in the 220 & Change building in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. This historic building is also home to the ImpactHUB, a co-working space for social entrepreneurs, and Social Venture Partners (SVP), an international program for venture philanthropists. The four-story, 29,000 square foot space hosts Seattle’s largest concentration of social entrepreneurs and impact investors, as well as Pinchot University’s Metro program.

220 Second Avenue South Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98104

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IslandWood, a 250-acre LEED Gold environmental education center, provides the residential campus for Pinchot University’s MBA in Sustainable Systems, the “Hybrid” program. Located a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle on scenic Bainbridge Island, the campus provides a comfortable educational environment that supports the Pinchot University program with fully-equipped classrooms, comfortable lodging and delicious organic, sustainably grown food.

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Channel Rock

Located on a 140-acre conservancy of mature forest and mossy bluffs along the coast of Cortes Island in British Columbia, Channel Rock is Pinchot University’s retreat center. Students in the Hybrid MBA program travel to the site for orientation. It also hosts select electives and professional development courses, including a popular one-week seminar on “Creativity and Innovation.” Featuring the latest in sustainable design, Channel Rock provides an opportunity for students to live off-the-grid, enjoy organic food grown on the property, and experience the power of living in sustainable community

Study Abroad

Each summer, Pinchot University offers students, faculty and alumni a unique opportunity to study global perspectives and approaches to environmental and social sustainability. Study tours are generally 10-14 days in length, with each year’s tour destination selected through a student-led process. Past destinations have included Sweden, Canada, Cuba, China and the US Rust Belt..

Digital Learning

Pinchot University has been honing its distance learning skills since its founding. The Hybrid program holds weekly on-line classes, using virtual classroom that supports slide shows, a shared whiteboard, and “breakout rooms” for small group work. Between class sessions, students use the full range of web-based tools to practice virtual teamwork on class projects. Pinchot University is continuing to experiment with the “flipped classroom” concept, in which lecture material is presented in pre-recorded packages, enabling face-to-face time to be used for discussion and experiential learning.


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Latest News

environmental innovation
Kumar and McNulty Accepted to 2015 Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge

Please join us in congratulating current students Srirup Kumar and Joe McNulty on being accepted to compete in the 2015 Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge (EIC) at the University of Washington! This project challenges Washington students to “define an environmental problem, develop a solution, design and build a prototype, create a business plan that proves

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Spots For Cuba Study Abroad Trip Still Available

We still have 5 slots available in the Cuba Study Abroad trip this summer (August 1st-8th). To reserve your spot, please make your $500 deposit here: https://secure.qgiv.com/for/bainbridge2/event/464867/ More info here: We will be traveling with Cross Cultural Journeys. This travel organization is now headed up by Cilla Utne, a Cohort 4 alumni. The trip will cost

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OSR heads to Fielding University

            Our friends and colleagues at Organizational Systems Renewal (OSR) have found a new home. After a rigorous search over several months, OSR will be joining Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA. Their program will be integrated into the Master of Arts in Organizational Development and Leadership (MA-ODL) program at FGU.

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Pinchot Blog

Voices of New Economies – Internet Freedom, Rainbow Looms and New Economies
March 19th, 2015 - Lauren Lark

By Alexa Pitoulis What are some key elements of “new economies”? • Rethinking what we value and how we measure success. What does success look and feel like at all levels of the economy? To answer this question we must be willing to redefine wealth and move beyond what our current economic systems value as indicators of

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A Users’ Guide to the Afterlife of Fashion: The Story of Fiber Recycling in Seattle
March 12th, 2015 - Lauren Lark

Seattle is a city where recycled fashion is the definition of cool. Don’t’ believe me? Just ask Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The trend not only looks hip, it’s doing the planet a huge favor by diverting thousands of articles of clothing away from the waste stream and into our closets. This year, the city of

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Rustbelt Remix: Greetings from Ohio!
March 5th, 2015 - Lauren Lark

  From a distance, the city skyline shimmers in the sunlight from the heat rising off the asphalt and the exhaust fumes belching from cars traveling on I-90. There is something oddly familiar about Cleveland, as if it were a larger Milwaukee or a mini-Chicago. However, this city is different; it has its own storied

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Luni Libes: A Realistic View of the Startup “Hockey Stick”
March 5th, 2015 - Lauren Lark

Ah… the proverbial hockey stick in a startup’s financial projections.  No one believes it, and yet it must be included in any investor pitch. Why? Two reasons. First and foremost, investors are looking for big opportunities, and if the revenue forecasts grow exponentially, that serves as a proxy to claim a large opportunity exists. Second,

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