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With the Pacific Ocean as our western border, the Pacific Northwest is positioned on the edge. Our region has a legacy of pioneers and innovation, and its rugged beauty draws change agents from around the world. An innovative spirit, love of the natural world and culture of social justice all characterize this unique area that Pinchot calls home.

As the pioneers of education for the common good, such as graduate degrees like our MBA in Sustainable Business and MA in Organizational Leadership, Pinchot specifically chose Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle to be our home—in the neighborhood where pioneer meets post-modern. The first center of Seattle remains its most vibrant urban center and the transit hub of the Northwest, where historic architecture like the iconic Smith Tower mingles with the leading start-ups in Seattle.


Learning Environments

220 & Change

The 220 & Change building in Pioneer Square is home to much more than the central Pinchot campus. The brick and old-growth timber construction with structurally reinforcing metal beams is only overshadowed by the community it houses. With our friends Social Venture Partners and Impact Hub, this four-story, 29,000 square foot space holds Seattle’s largest concentration of entrepreneurs, social impact investors, and of course, leading-edge education. This is where doing good means business, where what matters makes money and where ideas have impact.

220 Second Avenue South Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98104

Learn more about our Seattle home.


IslandWood hosts Pinchot’s MBA in Sustainable Systems just outside of Seattle, WA. This is what summer camp wants to be when it grows up—a regenerative retreat steps from urban infrastructure in a LEED Gold campus nestled in a 200-acre wonderland. On the island we put values in action, from breakfast to bedtime. IslandWood’s kitchen is dedicated to local, organic, seasonal food that enriches the earth and the soul. This space is at the brink of a closed-loop system; living buildings have learned some large lessons here.

Learn more about Bainbridge Island.

Channel Rock

Located on a 140-acre conservancy of mature forest and mossy bluffs along the coast of Cortes Island in British Columbia, Channel Rock is Pinchot’s retreat center. Systems MBA students travel to the site for orientation. It also hosts select elective and professional development courses. Featuring the latest in sustainable design, this beautiful and rustic off-grid campus provides an environment for learners to learn, explore and build connections with the BGI community.

Study Abroad

Each summer, Pinchot offers current learners and alumni a unique opportunity to study global perspectives and approaches to environmental and social sustainability, organizational management and  leadership. Study tours are generally 10-14 days in length, with each year’s tour destination selected through a student-led process. Past tour destinations have included Sweden, Canada, Cuba and China.

Digital Learning

At Pinchot, we use an advanced system of distance learning tools to ensure that students are effectively able to collaborate between class meetings. Our virtual classroom allows groups to hold real-time meetings with audio and web sharing. This includes a shared whiteboard, slide show sharing, application sharing and the ability to work directly on a classmate’s computer. Conversations take place using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, allowing you to talk as much as you’d like with the resources you need.

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Latest News

Luni (white)
Luni Libes: “An (obscenely) irrational market”

Luni is a 20+ year serial entrepreneur, founder/co-founder of five companies.  His latest startup is Fledge, the conscious company accelerator, and latest project there is Kick, a global pre-accelerator program.  Luni has published six books in The Next Step series, guiding entrepreneurs from idea to startup.  In addition, Luni is Entrepreneur in Residence and Entrepreneurship

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From The Archives: The Seahawks: NFC and Sustainability Champions

We were digging around our blog archives and found this gem from last year! With our Seahawks heading to the big game in a few days, we wanted to share this again with everyone. Seattle is abuzz with excitement this week after the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers to win the NFC Championship

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Video: Gifford Pinchot III addresses TEDxRainier on Climate Change

  Gifford Pinchot III Published on Jan 8, 2015 This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. This fascinating and convincing talk re-focuses the conversation about climate change so we can be part of the solution, and have fun while we’re doing it. Gifford is currently President of

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Pinchot Blog

Tips from Bethany Lindsey and why Seattle is the #1 job market
January 11th, 2015 - nickabraham

In a recent post for WalletHub, our very own Bethany Linsey, Director of Academic and Student Affairs, details networking and job-searching strategies that are invaluable. Whether you are looking for a new opportunity, or trying to pivot your career in the direction of social impact or sustainability. The piece’s other great news?  Seattle was WalletHub’s

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Reflections on Channel Rock
October 8th, 2014 - Gerod Rody

Channel Rock Reflections: MBA Re-Orientation Article and photos by Rick Dickinson, MBA Candidate, BGI at Pinchot I just returned from my MBA orientation on a remote Canadian island. I went barefoot the whole week, ate gourmet meals straight from a permaculture garden, and listened to wolves howling at the moon. Doesn’t sound like your typical business

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Why BGI at Pinchot?
October 6th, 2014 - Gerod Rody

Around 6 years ago I reached a point in my career where I started to question, on a daily basis, what I was doing in my life to help others. My work at the time allowed me to help others in a variety of ways – through volunteer efforts, time off to coach lacrosse and time off to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Yet, every time I came back to work following one of these endeavors, I noticed a need and want to do more…

Poem: What People Said
October 2nd, 2014 - Gerod Rody

What the People Said: A poem by incoming student Rick Dickinson, composed at Channel Rock during his orientation for the MBA in Sustainable Systems.

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