Systems Analysis in Action—Getting the Whole System in the Room

OSR 19 Cohort Member

Monica Price Cohen, OSR 19

My experience participating in a real challenge system analysis was much more fun than I had expected. The mood in the room was open and yet focused, productive and yet playful.

This analysis was used to help the client get a better understanding of the driving factors behind waste generation in the textile industry. This was a large problem which spanned both manufacturing and consumer waste.

The concept of, “getting the whole system in the room,” seems like a logical idea and is rarely done well, if at all, in the corporate world. At this system analysis, there were industry experts and consumers from many different perspectives. At first, I felt intimidated by the wide range of experts, but quickly realized that we all brought a unique view to the problem. It was amazing to see the collective knowledge in the room unfold.

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